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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Brek Rosengren, In A Nutshell

(written by Brek, merely hosted here)

1) I have loved music my entire life. I still can remember the first song that I was aware that I liked, I was 3 years old and I walked in front of the radio. A song called The Elephant Walk was playing. I stopped in my tracks to listen to it.

2) Growing up, we were a music loving family. Our stereo was prominently placed in the living room, and was always flanked by a large collection of records, Rock and Roll, Folk, lots of Vietnam War protest music, Reggae (brought back from Jamaica from my Dad - I was the first person I knew who listened to Reggae), and tons of Jazz.

3) My biggest musical influences have been; The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Steely Dan, Yes, Neil Young, CSNY, Dan Fogelberg, James Taylor, John Denver, Jan Hammer, the Michigan Music Community of the late 1970s, which, at the time had a huge resurgence of Bluegrass, Folk, and Country Rock, and the current Michigan Music Community, especially Earthwork Musicians.

4. My first taste of music festivals was in 2006 at Blissfest (the first time I heard Seth and May, and Breath Owl Breath). Then we went to Harvest Gathering, Farmfest and Hoxeyville. Harvest Gathering is by far, my favorite, although I love them all.

5) I had dreams of being in a band, and especially wanted to play the guitar. I never got a guitar until I was 40, and I can’t figure out why it took me so long (probably because I played sports). I did buy a harmonica and taught myself to play by ear, when I was in 7th grade. I’ve kept a harmonica in my car, and play it once in a while, and I’ve done this ever since I could drive.

6) I tried to learn how to play the guitar with books, but playing individual notes didn’t seem right, so I skipped that, and switched to chords. That is when I figured out that I could play some songs that I was familiar with.

7) Then I realized that chord progressions could match up to the melodies that I’ve had in my head since I was a teenager, and I was ok at writing lyrics, Aha! I started writing song snippets, and simple songs about 15 years ago.

5) The first song that I wrote and finished enough to play in front of anyone was called The Respite. I sent it to Chris Dorman in 2012 and asked for a critique (because he seemed like a nice guy). He never responded, but I saw him at Harvest Gathering. He hugged me and apologized for not responding and told me he was busy, but he actually listened to my song on “repeat” while packing for Harvest Gathering. That gave me the confidence to play it in front of people. Later, Paul Geoghan-McWilliams (a friend of my kids) happened to walk by when me and my family were messing with guitars and a ukulele in the parking lot. Paul asked me if I wanted to jam. I said, “sure”. He grabbed his standup bass, and asked what I wanted to play. I told him that I had the words and chords to a song I had written called The Respite. He looked it over, we played it, people seemed to like it, so I put the video of it on Youtube. I told someone that it would never even get 100 views. It has gotten over 3,600 views.

😎 I love Harvest Gathering. I’ve been going for about 10 years and volunteering for about 6. It’s the most special place and community EVER. I knew that some day my first open mic would be played there. I got up my nerve and signed up. It was 2018. It was magical! I played in front of an actual audience, on an actual stage with a real sound guy, in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Earthwork Farm, Harvest Gathering, on the Hill Stage! I happened to have met my friend, Serita Crowley just a few weeks earlier, at my register at Trader Joe’s in Grand Rapids, and she was my stage announcer. She is a beautiful person and I’ll never forget Serita introducing me. I’ll also never forget that, Sierra Sky Baker played at that same open mic. My second Harvest Gathering open mic was a year later, in 2019 on the Cedar Stage. I have told Seth that my dream is to play in the sacred Barn. He is so nice, he said something to the effect of “I am holding space for your dream”. Seth always says the right thing.

9) For quite a few years, I called myself a musician wanna-be. My adult children were always really encouraging, but I always kind of thought they were just being nice. Then, I started getting encouraged by some of the musicians that I admire most, many of them Earthwork Musicians. Little by little, I’ve started to believe that maybe my stuff is not terrible. I have to thank the following people for saying really nice and loving things, and helping me say, (although still a little hesitantly), yes, I am a musician, I am a singer/songwriter… Chris Dorman, Paul Geoghan-McWilliams, Joey Schultz, Jason Wheeler, Seth Bernard, Bruce Ling, Mark Lavengood, Nicholas James Thomasma, Dede Alder, Josh Holcomb, Brian Koenigsknecht, Bob Hausler, Lee Kitzman, Serita Crowley, Jo Serrepere, Sam Cooper, Wil Maring, Brenden Stark, Da'Veonce Dee Washington, and I probably missed a few, sorry.

10) My most inspirational and encouraging musical moments:
a. Playing The Respite with Paul Geoghan-McWilliams
b. Playing my first open mic at Harvest Gathering in 2018 and my second open mic in 2019
c. Recording two of my songs with Mark Lavengood (that made me feel like an Earthwork Musician, because Mark’s style is so recognizable)
d. Playing one of my songs with Josh Holcomb accompanying me on the violin, then later, Sam Cooper said she would like to play it with me some day
e. Being accepted to the Earthwork Musicians Songwriters Workshop for Resilience and Resistance at Circle Pines
f. Hearing Lee Kitzman play one of my songs on WXTF Radio
g. Finding out that Chris Dorman played my song on repeat while he packed to go to HG in 2012
h. The time that I got the nerve up to play at a bluegrass circle at Rockford Brewing, and Joey Schultz told me that I did a good job playing and staying in time
i. The time that I really wanted to play one or two of my songs at the Songwriters retreat at Circle Pines, at our late night jam. I just sat there in awe of everyone’s playing. I was feeling too shy to offer up a song. Then Nik Thomas put me on the spot and said to me, “hey Brek, you got anything for us?” That was my chance. I played two songs, and it felt GREAT!
j. I wrote a song to help people grieve, after losing a loved one. It was inspired by the loss of 5 really good friends at different times in my life. When I finished the song, I found out about another friend who died tragically at 31, so I named it after him (Alex’s Song). His sister shared the song on FB and 300 or 400 people listened to it and it seemed to help a little. One person even commented, “I really needed to hear that”. That one comment showed me what it is like to write a song that is directly connected to my heart, that connects to another person’s heart. And I think this is why I’ve always wanted to be a musician. It was a beautiful moment.

11) I have been a graphic designer since around 1980. That is what I spent most of my career doing. I worked at Meijer in their advertising department, owned a graphic design studio that evolved into a full service ad agency with employees, and worked in the creative department at Wolverine World Wide. Now, due to age discrimination, I work at Trader Joe’s in Grand Rapids. I still do freelance graphic design, but much of my creative outlet is satisfied with songwriting.

12) More than one person has told me that my music reminds them of Neil Young, James Taylor and John Denver. I don’t hear it, but I am honored.

Here is a link to some of my songs on SoundCloud…

Some of my songs on Youtube…

My first open mic at Harvest Gathering…

Monday, March 30, 2020

Via Mardot bio attempt

She emerged from the fog on the shipping docks, freshly disembarked from the last steam liner out of Bordeaux, the dust of the Paris streets still upon her black woolen overcoat.  Via Mardot walked into the nearest saloon, pushed her black chapeau back, commandeered the old RCA microphone, and began to croon.  Songs that owe a debt to ye-ye pop and prewar ballads, but are still utterly her own. Secrets of dark deeds and desperate times among desperate men reveal themselves.  Via Mardot is both weary of this world and hungry to make it better.  Now available from, and wherever music can be streamed or sold digitally.  Let her cast a spell in your direction.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Time Tunnel

Posted on my Facebook page on Leap Day 2020

Messages to myself in four years, just after my 50th birthday, via this handy time tunnel:

Did you attempt dating again? Did you learn your lesson for good this time? Good. Garden gnome is a better thing to be than Yet Another Aging White Cishet Chucklefuck.

Is Sheila still with you? Lucky sod. If not, did you get over it? Pets don't live forever, so we have to cherish the days we have.

Did you forgive your ex wife yet? She was too young. You need to remember the good times. "Be glad it happened," yadda yadda.  But most of all, holding grudges hurts you more than them.

Did you keep your friends? Did you continue to support and celebrate them? Did you manage to overcome your fundamental self-loathing enough to be someone they wanted in their lives? If they became rich/famous, did you celebrate and assist, or was your giant head in the way?

Were you kinder to yourself? WELL WERE YOU, ASSHOLE?

Did you spend more time with your nieces and nephews? I hope so, because they're fascinating little splinters from your DNA tree, and you need them to pool their resources for your nursing home someday.

Did you forgive your dad for being different than you? Do it. You can't help being weird, he can't help being extremely conventional. He has your best interests at heart, and he won't live forever. Plus you will need to borrow his truck.

Did you keep your house looking good and structurally sound? It's the best move of your entire adulthood, be smart about something for once in your goddam existence.

I'm not going to ask if you lost weight, because I know the answer.

Will you be remembered fondly? Yeah? Then you're doing ok. Keep it up.

Saturday, February 08, 2020

Live Music Log, August 2019

8 2 19 Carrie McFerrin #29/Libby DeCamp #9/MORGAN INGLE Zazio’s, Kalamazoo   Carrie's Songs And Stories series continues to be a rousing success, at least artistically, and this installment was no exception.  Three very different women taking turns singing and telling stories, downstairs from the usual venue at Webster's, inside the Radisson hotel downtown.  The change of venue brought a definite lessening of the crowd, and the people there were less inclined to listen; they mostly seemed confused that people perched on stools were singing at them.  All the while a very loud chef was leading some kind of tasting thing in the main restaurant adjacent to us in the bar. Morgan, from the band Slim Gypsy Baggage, has an earthy, bluesy quality;  Carrie is our country folk belter with a heart the size of a Buick; and Libby is ethereal, somehow urban AND rural, and somehow young AND impossibly old. One story of Morgan's involved a song that just kinda fell out of her head, as opposed to being worked on for ages;  I said, "so it was prolapsed?"  She found that amusing.
8 4 19 Emilee Petersmark #9 Creston Brewery, Grand Rapids  At this point I've become friends with a lot of artists.  I'm not collecting coups, or bragging, it's just a byproduct of show attendance and general admiration.  This artist, in particular, has broken through into real life.  We have lunch.  We walk the dog. I sang a song at a party thrown by her and her partner while facing the fence for a talent show. So I hope she tells me if I ever get obnoxious at a show.  Creston can feel like a big living room at Christmas where not everyone is paying attention to the person opening the gifts, and I have developed a bad habit of talking to artists midshow if things seem slow.  It's a case of familiarity overriding the respect I should have for the creative space, and it needs to stop.  Because wow everyone needs to hear these songs.  Em rarely plays Crane Wives songs at her solo sets, she has developed a significant arsenal by now of new ones and very old ones, revolving around themes of depression and recovery, anger and fear, despair and hope.  I'm hoping for a solo EP.  Gifted songwriter, excellent guitarist, great singer, striking visual artist, effortlessly cool person....and yet she struggles with anxiety and depression.  I'm not telling tales out of turn, she says as much at every show.  On the one hand, what hope is there for the rest of us gomers if someone as awesome as her feels this way....but on the other, if she likes to spend some of her precious time with me, maybe, just maybe, I'm ok too.  Clean Slate, Heavy, Black Hole, Before The Lights Came On, If The Sun Rises In The a better parallel world, these are big hit songs.  Get out to see her when you can.  And don't be afraid to shush me.
8 10 19 The Corn Fed Girls #6/The Red Sea Pedestrians #2 Bell’s, Kalamazoo  These two helplessly intertwined Kzoo institutions have a nifty parlor trick they pull out a few times here and there:  they play all of Abbey Road.  Every track.  Eleven musicians generating that sweet sweet Beatles noise.  Part of me is sad that it takes the tribute gimmick to fill the beer garden with people for these fabulous musicians, but the end result was so dang fun it's hard to be grumpy about it.  Each band played their own effortlessly virtuosic set before the main event, so I did get a good snootful of originals, CFG's homespun charm, then RSP's amiably menacing cosmic klezmer. Making polyrhythms safe for the masses! Bell's "remodeled" beer garden has comically few seats, I was leaning against a tree in an attempt at spinal support, but the music was of such a quality as to be worth the crappy venue.  Finally:  "shoot" (bass twirl).  "shoot" (bass twirl).  A glorious technicolor rendering of the Beatles' swan song.  The pageantry of the Anvil.  Vocal harmonies keeping I Want You (She's So Heavy) from slipping into tedium.  Here Comes The Sun:  the most money the Fab Four ever threw away.  The glory of the big medley.  This music will surely outlive us all.
8 11 19 FARMFEST Johannesburg: JILL JACK/Appleseed Collective #3/The Crane Wives #72/Luke Winslow-King #3/Seth Bernard #9  A little creative scheduling at work allowed me to drive way, way north for the final day of this smallish festival on someone's farm, deep in the wilds of far northeast Lower Pen.  Kinda glad not to do all three days, this was very much Dirty Hippies in the Woods with Weed, but the lure was two full sets by the Crane Wives.  And what will bring me back again is the main stage, an astonishing, gigantic natural bowl amphitheater that could accommodate many multiples of the people who were there.  High high on the hill by the food and vendors, almost a quarter mile from the stage, you could hear every note perfectly. I sat up there with Michele (who was vending her jewelry) for a good portion of the day.  But there was another stage, a small wooden dance pavilion, through the woods (or the hot fields) a good way, and that's where most of the music I wanted to hear was.  Jill Jack was an ingenue the last time I saw her, twenty years ago.  Now she has lived a life, recorded 12 albums, and she is still out here telling you how it's going, in wry, heartfelt, heartland folk-pop.  Blow Me Down featured fine high harmony from her (male) guitarist, who also used a Slinky as percussion on one tune. Another highlight:  the lovely Full Circle.  I then proceeded to hang out awkwardly with the Crane Wives on some hay bales while the Appleseed Collective slayed us with their virtuosity.  These four gents have an album coming out now (January) that was gestating a long long time, and I got to hear most of it across their two sets this day. This is as good as the genre you could call "Mumfordia" ever gets: crushing it, but the world has moved on. Pretty sure a line was "whores in my bed," but I chose to hear "horse." A cover of Blood, Sweat and Tears' "And When I Die":  a masterful showstopping rendition of a terrible song. The Collective and the Wives played one set on each stage;  the Collective had no repeats, the Wives had a few.  The big rock music with its faint whiff of past folkiness sounded damn good literally ringing from the hills. Luke Winslow King was a person who played music, joined by Seth for a few tunes.  Scott Pellegrom, there to play with Seth, came within millimeters of my back bumper with his Sprinter van.  (The guy at the gate gave me no directions when I arrived, so I ended up parking 40 feet from the damn main stage.)  Seth ushered in the sunset with his pensive guitar anthems and exhortations to take care of the earth and each other.  It was a long drive home in the dark, but it was so worth a day of my life.

8 16-18 19 HOXEYVILLE MUSIC FESTIVAL, Wellston: Lindsay Lou #7/Political Lizard #3/FRONT COUNTRY/May Erlewine & The Motivations #18/CHICAGO FARMER/The Insiders #3/The Crane Wives #73/Gregory Stovetop #3/Airborne or Aquatic? #3/The Go Rounds #7/THE RAGBIRDS/Public Access #10/FULL CORD  Once again this year I did not attempt camping;  Dan and I shared a nearby cabin, this time with indoor plumbing. Lindsay Lou was the MVP of the festival: in addition to her fest-opening set, she sat in with more than a dozen other acts throughout.  Her set featured the Traditional Lavengood Sit-In, as well as a Warblers section with Melody Walker of Front Country subbing for Rachael Davis.  There were also covers of original Woodstock artists interspersed with the progressive bluegrass, in honor of its 50th anniversary, kinda wish every act had done this.  (Many did.) Then it was over to the Mitten Tent for Political Lizard.  It was moved much closer to the main stage this year, and scheduled sets had no overlap between the two.  A cynical man might say this was so they could pay fewer bands, but it did mean not missing anything unless you wanted to. The Lizard:  What if Silverchair were on Kindercore Records?  Jenna Olsen is my favorite lil scared bassist, like Tina Weymouth with a gun to her head.  Great new tune called Red Wine Gossip.  Chekhov's accordion sat there on the stage, but never went off. Front Country was a pleasant wash of countryish flavor, with impressive harmonies and some twists in the tail.  An acoustic guitar fed through pedals was made to sound like a cheap keyboard:  backhandedly impressive.  One tune sounded like the rebirth of redneck trance.  Highlight:  Don't Take My Life Away.  The Motivations were reliably joyous, with enough May-dancing spectacle to get me through to the winter.  A northern white girl shouldn't be able to get away with this soul revue, but dammit she does.

Saturday brought Chicago Farmer, a dude who usually plays one man band style, but had a trio for this set, including the amazing Jaik Willis, a shit hot guitarist who looks like one of the hillbillies in that Bugs Bunny cartoon.  This was very funny (great comic timing, shaggy dog stories) and musically solid.  The Dirtiest Uniform was a Todd Sniderish ode to strivers.  We can all relate to the one about $13 beers at the big arena show.  And, there is no pride in the factory farms.  Look him up.  The Insiders Pettied it up good:  not much else to say, they're a well oiled tribute machine by this point, one off charity show turned cash cow.  MOAR PHIL THO.  The Crane Wives coined a new term for their all inclusive yet sad sound:  dance-grief.  I always love watching other people grooving on the band I love.  Gregory Stovetop brought the rawk, like a course-corrected Bob Seger:  melodies for days, fleet fingers, a Selner on drums. Airborne or Aquatic? is the prog rock Brigadoon:  only appears at certain places and times to melt your mind before it buggers off back into the mists.  The Rickabus/Pellegrom drumoff was one for the ages. To close the evening, the Go Rounds played a silent disco:  all the music was piped into headphones that were doled out to all attendees.  With no headphones on, the sweaty, writhing tent was eerily silent, not even the vocals could be heard.  The tech limitations of this format led to the most satisfyingly stripped down sound I have yet heard from this cosmic brotherhood....and I danced my ass off.  Inhibitions went away for a while.  There are witnesses.  This was the sound of the visuals from one of those planetarium light shows being downloaded straight into your cortex.  There was a dog on the dance floor.

The Go Rounds were supposed to play a "normal" set to kick off Sunday, but lightning strikes put the kibosh on that.  Graham looked like he could kick a dog. So while we waited for the all clear, Gregory Stovetop played a magical impromptu set right there in the dirty grass in front of the stage, eventually joined by Rickabus on a snare drum if I'm remembering correctly. There were dancing toddlers.  I am not sure how I got this far without hearing the Ragbirds (the fuzz shutting down the Corner Bar's Rockford concert series helped with it), but of course they're fabulous.  Just like the Wives, rockier now than their folk origins, but Erin Zindle's violin ensures they always have a foot firmly planted in their roots. Skilled musical interplay serving songs that are bruised but defiantly optimistic. Em did a brief guest appearance on backing vocals for a Natalie Merchant cover.  Public Access, at full strength for full guitar-wall awesomeness, blew the crowd away, especially when Emilee stepped in for the only vocal, an encore of "Whole Lotta Love."  Steve broke a guitar string, so Dan Haefs raised his arms to let Steve play the iconic solo on his body, Whose Line style.  This move is now canon. Full Cord is straight bluegrass, which is not always my thing, but this band is so dang good at it that all succumb to their charms.  New kid fiddler is made of fire. There was more music, but I was tired so I went home.  I skipped most of the main stage acts in favor of the "Mitten Stage": tells you where my loyalties lie.

8 21 19 Molly #5 GDK Park, Holland  It was a lovely summer day, not too roasting yet at noon, so before work I moseyed downtown Holland to see Molly, accompanied by husband Scott, do an hour of tunes in the shady confines of the concrete-and-brick pocket park in downtown Holland.  Pleasant but low stakes....uintil Molly's visiting friend, Marcus Jordan, came up to sing a couple with her.  The gentleman is a stage singer of some renown and great skill, and a spin through Summertime was spellbinding. Molly can't sit still in any setting, and in the summer breeze with an appreciative audience, a lot of free form dancing happened.  But it never affects the rock steady vocal line.  Thanks kids.
8 22 19 Cameron Blake #3/SECRET FORTE GR Live, Home at the BOB, Grand Rapids  A noon hour of nifty local tunes:  Secret Forte was nice, kind of a Modest Jimmy Eats The Mouse World. I'd go see em.  But Cameron's kinda hard to believe he makes his home here, the Baltimore transplant is just so dang good and assured and BIG in his lonesome scarecrow sound. His upcoming album (still not out in January 20) is more diverse than his piano debut and gospel-tinged second, judging from the tracks he played today:  funkier, louder, but still lots on its mind.  Only Goya was a STOMPER, and Gillian was lovely. I was backer #2 on his Kickstarter. Five months later and no CD though....

8 23 19 Hollywood Makeout #5 Riverfront Park, Allegan  I dearly love the propulsive asskicking surfpunk sound this band, led by a med tech and a kindergarten teacher, puts out.  Downtown Allegan had its bell good and rung when its excellent outdoor sound system pushed this joyful noise out across the river and echoing off the crumbling brick backsides of the stores. I got Roo to come out with me because I knew she would really dig this powerful female-fronted rawk.  Sheila (the dog)  also came, because outdoor show, but enjoyed it rather less. New album soooooon.

8 24 19 COLIN COOPER & DAVID SIMMER Ridge Cider Co., Grant  Semi-reunion of the Irish band The Saltbound, my gateway from Married Life to Music Life (Colin worked with my ex wife at Walgreens). Kaity, Colin's wife, was there, but did not reprise her role as second singer.  A few other old acquaintances from the day came out for the show, making times awkward but enjoyable, which is honestly my wheelhouse. David is an excellent mandolinist, Colin has some fun originals, and the traditional Irish tunes were thick on the ground for a nice lil northern hootenanny.

8 30 19 Pillar To Post #2/The Missing Generation #4 Louie’s Trophy House, Kalamazoo   Turns out dudes can still make compelling music too;  I've been so focused on female fronted music that I sometimes forget that.  The Missing Generation is a much more focused and confident band after a few years, looking forward to a recording.  Maxine was a best foot forward, Abe Savas' crunchy compulsive ear candy blending well with Chris Schleuder's tuneful intelligence and Tim Sparling's earnest honesty.  Chris had a great song about John Stockton and Karl Malone (old b-ball players) as buddy cops.  The slightly fuzzier edge sits well on them....but Abe is the only guy in the band who was wearing long pants.  Whatever that means.  And then, Brian Koenigsknecht's Brigadoon rock band put us through our paces with well-practiced, muscular yacht rock chops.  Brian has made a name for himself as more of a troubadour, but I hope the band sees a resurgence, because they're all so dang good, and the songs take on an urgency that can be lost solo.  (Intensity, though, goes UP solo.)  A good time with the menfolk at the Olde Dogge.

8 31 19 Megan Dooley #19 Founders, Grand Rapids  I have seen Dooley play in so many different settings:  church, library, bar, stage, museum, back of a resale shop....but never the big stage at Founders, till now.  She changes her look a lot, and she switches up her repertoire, but her show has never gotten far from her playing the songs she likes and hoping you like them too.  This was billed as kind of a last hurrah for this type of solo show;  she's planning to put a band together to go in other directions.  Being a professional musician is incredibly difficult, and to keep the fire in your belly, you have to stoke the fires.  Her light may flicker in a stiff breeze, but it never goes out.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Venue Counts

VENUE COUNTS since mid-2014
In Michigan unless noted 1/18/20
Towns 56
Venues:  private 122  public 30  outdoor 41 now closed 9 Map link

    Covered Bridge Park 1

     Riverfront Park 2
     Tantrick Brewing 1

    Wildwood Family Farms 1

Ann Arbor
    Blind Pig 1

Battle Creek
    W.K. Kellogg Foundation 1

    Short's 2

Benton Harbor
    The Livery  7
    Mendel Center 2

    Eagles Lodge 1
    House show 2

    Charlevoix Cinema III 1

    Rumpus Room 1

    Showboat Park 1

Chicago, IL
    Schuba's 1
    Vic Theater 2

     Depot Park 1

Comstock Park
    Beaver Lodge 1
    Perrin Brewing 1

    Circle Pines Center 3

    Saugatuck Brewing 1

East Lansing
     Bailey Park 1
     MSU Community Music School 1

    Crane's Pie Pantry 6
    Salt Of The Earth 9

    Otus Supply 1

Goshen, IN
     Sauder Concert Hall, Goshen College 1

Grand Haven   
    Grand Armory 10
    House show  2
    Tri Cities Museum 2

Grand Rapids
    A vacant lot on Logan St. 1
    Ah-Nab-Awen Park 1
    Billy's 1
    The BOB 11
    Chaffee Planetarium 1
    Creston Brewery 15
    EcoPrint 5
    Festival of the Arts 2
    Founders 26
    Grand Rapids Art Museum 1
    Grand Rapids Public Library, Main Branch 1
    Harmony Hall 5
    HopCat 1
    House shows 5
    Intersection 6
    Kent District Library, Cascade Branch 2
    Knickerbocker 1
    Listening Room  3
    Local First Street Party 1
    Long Road Distillers 1
    Mulligan's Pub 1
    One Trick Pony 1
    Outside Coffee Co. 1
    Peoples Cider Co. 1
    Pyramid Scheme 10
    Quinn and Tuite's 2
    Riverside Park  2
    Rocky's 2
    Rosa Parks Circle 4
    St. Cecilia Music Society 1
    SpeakEZ Lounge 1
    Tip Top Deluxe  7
    20 Monroe Live 4
    Van Andel Arena 1
    Wabash Hollow (house show) 1
    Wealthy Theatre 5

    Ridge Cider Co. 1

    Thornapple Plaza 1
    Walldorff Brewpub 1

    Hilliards Corner Lounge 4

    Brew Merchant 1
    Coppercraft Distillery 2
    Fireside Brewing 1
    GDK Park 1
    Hops at 84 East 1
    Knickerbocker Theatre 1
    New Holland Brewery 13
    Park Theatre  8
    Theopolis (house show) 2
    Waverly Stone Gastropub 1

    Corson Auditorium 1

    Farmfest 1

    Arcadia Ales 1
    Beer Exchange 1
    Bell's 28
    Bronson Park 1
    Chau Haus 2
    Craft Draft 2 Go 1
    Factory Coffee 1
    Final Gravity Brewing 9
    First Congregational Church 2
    Grand Traverse Distillery 5
    Harvey's 4
    HopCat 5
    House shows 4
    Jerico 1
    Kalamazoo Piano Co. 1
    Kalamazoo Valley Museum 6
    Kal-Tone Instrument Co. 3
    La Luna Recording Studio 1
    Louie's Trophy House 6
    Milhouse 1
    O'Duffy's Pub 1
    Old Dog Tavern 27
    Overneath Creative Collective 1
    Papa Pete's 1
    Potter's Lounge 1
    Rootead 1
    Rupert's Brew House 2
    Saugatuck Brewing 1
    Shakespeare's Lower Level 1
    Tibbs Brewing 1
    Union Cabaret & Grille 1
    Webster's 13
    Zazio's 3

Lake Ann
    Lake Ann Brewing 1

Lake City
    Earthwork Farm 3

Lakewood, OH
    Winchester Tavern 1

     The Loft 1
     The Robin Theatre 1

Lathrup Village
    Municipal Park 1

     Barn Brewers 1

    Old Art Building 1

    Mitten Bar 3

    Ore Dock Brewing 2

    Memorial Park 1

    Frauenthal Center 3
    Pigeon Hill Brewing 2
    Unruly Brewing  4

Nelsonville, OH
    Hocking College 1

    Feed The World Cafe 2

    Bookends Resale Shop 1

Paw Paw
    Lucky Girl Brewing 1
    Paw Paw Brewing 1

    Ransom District Library 1

    Rockford Brewing 4

    Guardian Brewing 1
    Saugatuck Center For The Arts 1

     Cellar Brewing 1

Spring Lake
    Seven Steps Up 7

South Haven
    Black River Tavern 1
    Community Pavilion 1
    Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum 1
    Riverfront Park 1

     Sturges-Young Auditorium 1

Three Rivers
    Downtown on the street 1

Traverse City
    House shows 1
    Rare Bird Brewpub 3

     Distant Whistle 1
    The Bus Stop 2

    Hoxeyville Festival Grounds 3

    Tripelroot 5

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Artist Master List

Through 1.18.20

Accidentals, the 12.31.15
Adams, Lexi 11.2.17
Aguirre, Marisa 12.1.18
Airborne Or Aquatic? 8.19.18
Al Saadi, Laith 6.10.17
Allen, Jake 10.27.17
Anderson, Kate 9.22.18
Andrade, Antonio 10.23.18
An Dro 2.16.19
Andrus, Christopher 2.10.17
Ani & Kora 9.21.18
Annagail 1.18.19 
Apple & the Moon 6.2.17
Appleseed Collective, the 8.19.17
Arcangeli, Kate 7.21.18 › kate-arcangeli
Aston Neighborhood Pleasure Club 12.16.18
Atkinson, Travis 12.18.19
August 11.8.19
Austin, Alex 4.29.18

Baker, Andy 10.23.18
Baker, Sierra Skye 9.20.19
Barley Saints, the 8.11.18
Barry, Phil, Electric Band 10.27.18
Beach Boys, the 1987
Beauchamp-Cohen, Michael 9.16.17
Belly 9.17.16
Bennet, Jimmie 9.2.18
Bernard, Seth 12.31.16
Big Dave & the Ultrasonics 1992
Big Dudee Roo 5.27.17
Bigfoot Buffalo 8.18.18
Big Sirs, the 4.5.19 
Birdseed Salesmen, the 1.6.17
Bittinger, J. Oscar 10.23.18
Blake, Cameron 9.7.18
Blanca Luz 5.26.18
Blue Jay Bridge 12.18.19
Bombara, Beth 11.24.19
Borr, Matthew 2.4.17
Borr McFerrin
Bowles, Ralston 11.2.17
Brandino Extravaganza, the 10.18.19 
Breathe Owl Breathe 8.18.18
Brena 12.18.19
Bride Of Fleckenstein 9.1.18 
Bridges, Dacia, Project 11.25.17
Brother Brothers, the 11.3.18
Brown, Sari 9.16.17
Burch, Anna 11.11.18
Burgess, Charlie 10.19.19
Burns, Tanner J. 5.11.19 

Canceled Plans 9.22.18
Capt. Cat 1.23.19 
Chance Jones 11.26.16
Channing & Quinn 6.14.19
Chapman, Beth Nielsen 6.14.19
Chicago Farmer 8.17.19
Chirp 6.14.19
Churchill, Mat 1.6.18
Cloudlight 5.19.18
Concussions, the 4.28.19
Cooper, Samantha 1.20.18
Corn Fed Girls, the 8.26.17
Cooper, Colin, and David Simmer 8.24.19
Costello, Elvis, and the Imposters 11.17.18
Covert Operations 6.15.18
Crain, Samantha 6.15.19
Crane Wives, the 12.31.15
Cranick, Chris 5.3.19
Crooked Spires 5.11.19 
C2 and the Brothers Reed 3.28.19
Curved Earthward 7.21.17

Dalmatian Stone 5.4.19
Dangerville 1993?
DarlenYa 11.10.18
Darling, Charlie 9.13.19
Davina & the Vagabonds 10.10.19
Davis, Billy 9.16.17
Davis, Rachael 6.17.18
Dawes 8.17.18
DD MOTO 10.6.18 
Dean Martian 2.1.18
DeCamp, Libby 2.18.17
Dede and the Dream 3.23.18
Deerfield Run 1.18.20
DeWylde, Delilah, and the Lost Boys 6.10.16
Dickinson, Fiona 1.20.18
Diff & Dudley 2.3.17
Domestic Problems 11.27.15
Dooley, Megan 11.4.16
Double Strung 10.18.18
Dorman, Chris 9.21.18
Dowd, Gerald 7.29.17
Drew Phoria 11.24.18
Dupas, Ed 10.26.18
DuPont, Chris 2.1.18

Earth Radio 11.30.18
Effert, Sandra 10.23.18
Eight Belles 9.2.18
Electric Light Orchestra 7.23.19
Elliott, Blake 9.23.18 
E Minor/Elizabeth Landry  9.15.17
Engblade, Eric 1.20.18
Erlewine, Anne 9.16.17
Erlewine, May 12.10.16
Escaping Pavement 6.14.19
Extra Texture, the 4.14.18

Fancy Restaurants, the 1.22.19
Fauxgrass 9.20.19 
Foo Fighters 2010?
Ford, Frazey 6.2.17
Founding, the 11.16.17
Foxfeather 5.9.19
Frenchtown Playboys, the 12.16.18
Friends With the Weather 3.23.18
Front Country 8.16.19
Fruit Punch 2.9.19
Full Cord 8.18.19
Funktion 6.14.19 

Gabriel, Matt 10.20.17
Garland, Allie 8.2.17
Gasoline Gypsies, the 6.10.17
Gifts Or Creatures 9.16.17
Gladding, Ryan 5.18.19
Glaspy, Margaret 9.28.18
Gold, Paige 2.9.19
Good, Chris 11.10.18 
Go Rounds, the 12.31.16
Granny Devito 8.18.18
Gross, Matt 3.31.18
Guided By Voices  9.12.14

Haapala, Stefanie 9.28.18
Hacky Turtles, the 10.12.17
Hamilton, Jordan 8.16.18
Hamman, Kevin 6.9.17
Haner, Morgan, and the Transmitters 8.11.18
Hannah Rose & the GravesTones 5.28.17
Hansen, Cole 7.6.19
Harrell, Mark 5.4.19
Harrison, Dhani 7.23.19 
Hawks & Owls 6.16.18
Heavy Color 2.11.17
Hicks, Braxton, and the Contractions 9.22.18
Hill, Nikki 6.14.19 
Hølborn 9.21.18
Holloway, Nashon, Band 8.26.17
Hollywood Makeout 9.2.17
Holy Warheads, the 2.21.19
HoneyHoney 6.2.17
Honeytones, the 4.29.18
Hoom 5.11.19
Hootie & the Blowfish 1992
Hopie Jo 11.10.17
Howard & Skye 10.23.18
How To Live Together 2.9.19 
Hymn, Tom 4.28.18

I Believe In Julio 5.26.18
I'm With Her 11.3.18
Infamous Stringdusters, the 8.17.18
Ingle, Morgan 8.2.19
Insiders, the 8.19.18 

Jack And The Bear 2.18.17
Jack, Jill 8.11.19
Jackson, Maddie 5.19.18
Jacobs, Neil 10.23.18
Jacobsen, Aspen 9.22.18
James, Stephie 12.31.17
Jesse Ray & the Carolina Catfish 5.28.17
Jessica In The Rainbow 5.19.18
JetBeats, the 11.11.16
Jive After Five 9.15.17
Johannesen, Brian 7.6.18
Johnson, Loren 4.29.18
Joseph Airport 9.12.14
Joy Formidable, the 6.9.16

Kahn, Daniel 9.16.17
Kahn, Eli 12.29.19
Kalmink, Jake, and Further Closer 5.4.19
Kate and the Cold Calls 1.6.18
Kinks, the 1995
Knee Deep Shag 12.27.14
Koenigsknecht, Brian 3.31.17
Koviak-Davison, Stacy 11.3.17
Kramer, Jes 9.22.19
Kraus, Caitlin 6.2.17
Kristene, Leah 5.19.18

Lady Ace Boogie 2.8.19
Laine, Hannah 2.8.18
Last Gasp Collective 6.16.18
Lavender, Yolonda 6.23.18
Lavengood, Mark 2.8.18
Lazy Genius 11.26.16
Leaf & Foote 9.22.19
Leaf, Steve, and the Ex Pats 4.21.17
Lee, Grace Elizabeth 7.14.17
Lee, Miranda 10.19.19 
Lighting Matches 6.7.18
Light Switches, the 9.2.18
Lindsay Lou (and the Flatbellys) 3.3.17
Ling, Bruce 2.17.19
Link, Ian 8.4.17
Lipstick Jodi 5.19.18
List, Mike 5.18.19
Lockwood, Max 4.8.18
Longley, Liz 1.21.17
Lushh 11.30.18
LVRS 10.29.19
Lynch, Kari, Band 12.18.19

Macquarrie, Lachlan  7.6.18
Madcat Midnight Blues Journey 6.15.18
Mae, Melissa 5.18.19
Mainstays, the 3.23.19
Maloney, Heather 9.22.18
Mann, Branden, and the Reprimand 12.31.19
Marcy Playground 12.14.19
Martinez, Diego 12.1.18 
Matchsellers, the 6.9.18
Matthews, Bruce, Band 12.18.19
McCartney, Paul  1994
McFerrin, Carrie 12.2.16
McKay, Nellie 5.11.18
McLaughlin, Micah 6.15.18
McWeakerton 3.7.19
Melophobix 11.22.19
Mench, Charlie 5.18.19 
Michigander 2.8.19
Mickley, Judy 7.21.18
Millard, Charlie, Band 9.27.19
Millerschin, Olivia 4.13.19
Minor Element 11.30.18
Mipso 9.22.17
Miss Atomic 9.9.17
Missing Generation, the 6.9.17
Misty Lyn 3.23.18
Mitchell, Anais 10.20.19
Moaiery, Lisa 7.29.17
Modern Adventures 4.20.19
Molly 6.23.18
Moore, Nathan 7.21.18
Mousewolf 9.21.18 
Mustard Plug 6.16.18

Negar & MJ 4.20.19
Nelson, Drew, and Highway 2 8.26.17
Nicholas James & the Bandwagon 9.15.17
Nicole, Danielle 6.10.17
Nobody's Darlin' 6.22.19
North Carolines, the 9.23.18
Northern Fires, the 2.4.17
NorthLand 1.23.19

Often Home 4.20.19
Oh Brother Big Sister 6.30.19
Older, Les, and the Ganja Gang 9.27.19
Olivia & the Aquatic Troupe 4.2.16
Ooze and Ozz, the 10.31.19
Osborn, Rodger 5.18.19
OUT 1.11.20
Over The Rhine 9.16.16

Papa Vegas 12.27.14
Parr, Susie, Trio 9.21.19
Peat In The Creel 11.16.17
Perilous Cats, the 2.2.18
Perren 2.9.19
Pershayla, Patty 1.20.19
Peters, Mechele 7.21.18
Petersmark, Emilee 3.4.18
Petrillo 1.11.20
Pillar To Post 9.7.18
Pillsbury, Kate 5.16.18
Piotrowsky, Nadia 10.23.18
Pistol Gang 6.9.18
Pixley-Fink, Elizabeth 9.21.19
Plain Jane Glory 11.25.16
Political Lizard 7.7.18
Porter, Joe Rollin 10.23.18
Powell, Joshua, and the Great Train Robbery 2.1.19
Powell/McFerrin/McCoy 10.26.18
Pozzetronics 5.19.18
Premo, Laurel 9.23.18
Pride, Monte 9.22.18
P.S., Anna 1.23.19 
Public Access 2.11.17

Quinlan, Axel 6.9.18

Rachel B 5.12.17
Radell, Allison 11.10.18
Ragbirds, the 8.18.19
Ravenwood, Zoe 10.24.19
Red Rio 7.1.17
Red Sea Pedestrians, the 9.15.17
Red Tail Ring 4.21.17
Reggie 5.26.18
Reilly, Joe 11.10.18
Richie And Rosie 8.19.18
Rickabus, Dan 8.27.17
Right Now, the 7.1.17
River Bend 10.13.17
Rodriguez 6.2.17
Rollins, Jacob 10.19.19
Roosevelt Diggs 1.20.17
Rose, Josh 10.23.18
Rose, Kaitlin 7.15.17
Roth, James 12.22.18 
Rough and Tumble, the 6.9.18
Rundgren, Todd 1995
Rush 1996?
Rupple Brothers, the 9.27.19
Ryne Experience, the 12.13.18

Sahlgren, Mark, and the Fragile Egos 3.2.19
Sailor Kicks, the 11.11.16
Saltbound, the  6.17.14
Sanger, John 1.10.20
Saxsquatch & Bridge Band 6.1.18
Schlueder, Chris 7.17.18
Schrock Brothers, the 6.17.18
Seasaw 10.11.19
Secret Forte 8.22.19
Semisonic 1996?
Seger, Bob 1996?
Serraperre, Jo, and the Willie Dunns 9.22.19
Sharp Dressed Men 5.18.19
Sherman Gepherd 2.14.19
Shain, Jon 10.27.18
Short Hair Domestics 12.13.19
Slankard, Megan 11.25.19
Smith, Jahshua 6.22.19
Smoke & Whiskey 12.1.18
Smoking Dandies, the 3.30.19
Snooze Cycle 1.6.18
Sparling, Tim 7.21.18
Spektor, Regina 11.4.17
Sprout, Tobin 4.8.17
Staggs, Danny 5.18.19
Starr, Ringo 2002?
Stepladders 8.19.17
Stash Band, the 4.15.18
Stella 6.16.19
Steppin In It 8.17.18
Stickley, Jon, Trio 8.19.17
Stover, Justin (Stovepipe) 8.10.18
Stovetop, Gregory 9.15.17
Strange Country (Weir/Noise) 11.24.17
Stroke 9 1999
Strapping Owls, the 6.16.17
Stuart, Mark 3.16.18
Suzies 5.26.18
Sweet Water Warblers 4.15.17
Swifney, Carl 2.9.19
Sygit, Jen 5.12.18

Talk Radio 5.11.19
Taylor, Desi 5.18.19
They Might Be Giants 6.2.17
Thomasma, Nicholas James 11.2.17
Thunderbolt & Lightfoot 7.29.17
Timm, Jonathan 7.6.18
Timmy The Teeth 8.11.18
Traverse, Ben 12.12.19
Treading Bleu 10.6.18

Upcoast Kin 11.27.19 

Valentiger 4.28.18
Valerie the Vulture 7.4.19
Vangoes, the 11.16.19 
Van Lente 5.19.18
Verve Pipe, the 12.27.14
Vespre 9.16.17
Via Mardot 1.9.20
Vox Vidorra 5.13.16

War and Treaty, the 8.2.17
Watkins, Sara 1.21.17
Way Down Wanderers, the 12.31.15
Whales 1.11.20
Whistle Stop Revue 8.18.17
Who, the 2004?
Who Hit John? 12.5.19
Wilcox, Liam 5.19.18
Wild Sparklings, the 11.24.17
Wilkin, Darcy 12.2.16
Wilson, Karisa 11.16.17
Winnow 8.17.18
Winslow-King, Luke 6.2.18
Wished Bone 6.2.17
WOOTS 11.24.18
Wright, Aaron 12.23.17

Yankovic, Weird Al 3.10.18

You Know I Know 4.20.19 
Youngman, Frank, All Stars 8.19.17

Zed Zeppelin (Fred Zeppelin) 9.16.17